Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Red Tent is UP Today

I'm set up out front today, but I don't know for how long, since the sky is looking a little dark. If the weather holds, I'll be set up until at least 3pm.

4445 Forest Street (Rochester Road and Division one block south of the 4-way stop) in Leonard.

Here's what I have today (Saturday, August 6):

  1. Green Tomatillos ($1.50 per container)~ These make amazing salsa or a fantastic addition to guacamole!
  2. Cherokee Purple Tomatoes ($1 each) ~ Fantastic Taste!  You have to try it to believe it.  Their looks may not be appealing, but if you've been longing for that "summer only" taste, these are for you.
  3. German Red Strawberry Tomatoes (75¢ each) ~ Another nice heirloom with good taste.  They are less sweet than the Cherokee Purples.  Nice for salsas and in a BLT.
  4. Violet Jasper Tomatoes ($2 per container) ~ Small Tomatoes (between a large cherry and a small slicer) with an earthier tomato taste.  Not sure?  Ask for one to sample.  They make a beautiful addition to salads.
  5. Cherry Tomatoes ($2 per container) ~ These a nice and sweet with a bit of a pinkish hue to their color.  Nice for snacking or adding to salad.
  6. Salad Bag ($2 per bag) ~ A nice blend of Red Flame, Little Gem and Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce.  They make a flavorful Mild blend.
  7. Hungarian Yellow Wax Peppers  (2 for 50¢)~ Just a small bit of heat.  We love these in with our veggie packets on the grill or add them as pepper rings to your salad or salsa.
  8. Purple Beauty Peppers (50¢...they're pretty small on the first harvest) ~ Okay, these are beautiful to look at with taste to match!
  9. Telegraph Improved Cucumbers (75¢ each or 3 for $2) ~ These are a wonderful, long English-type slicer with small seeds.  Dad says they're never bitter.
  10. Early Russian Cucumbers (75¢ each or 3 for $2) ~ Medium Cucs that are nice sliced or possibly pickled (we haven't tried pickling them yet but will be soon).  Sweet solid cucumber taste.

If you want something but can't stop by today,  drop me an email and if I've still got it we arrange for pick up or drop off. 

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