Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Red Tent is UP Today!

4445 Forest Street (Rochester Road and Division one block south of the 4-way stop) in Leonard.  

As many of you know Noel is at MSU, but she's still got some super veggies for sale

Please pay on the honor system.  The tent will be up until at least 5pm or for as long as the weather holds.  If it looks like the weather is getting ugly, I'll need to take it down.

Here's what we have today:

·      * Beets or Onions = $3.00 a bunch
Paprika Peppers (Green) = 25¢ each or 5 for $1

* 5 Color Chinese Peppers (Multi Color, but most purple) = 10
¢ each

Cucumbers (Slicers or Pickling)= 50¢ each or 6 for $2

Squash (Yellow Crook Neck Summer or White Scallop) = 50¢ each or 4 for $1.50

Tomatoes  = $4.00 per container or 2 containers for $6
  (Tappy's Heritage or Violet Jasper)

* Tomatillos (Mexican Husk Tomatoes) = $2.00  per container 

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