Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Goodies for Sale ~ Tuesday, September 13

4445 Forest Street (Rochester Road and Division one block south of the 4-way stop) in Leonard.

Hi, Everybody,

 I've got some nice produce for sale today on the picnic table near the greenhouse, including some beautiful bunches of beets and carrots with the greens.  I love the carrots.  Amazing taste and color ~ Unlike any that you'll find at the grocery store.  This will probably be the last of the beets until early spring.

Available Today:

  • Beets or Carrots ~ $3.00 a bunch
  • Cucumbers ~ 50¢ each 
  • Peppers ~ Bells (purple or green) = 75¢ each                
    Others = 25¢ each or 5/$1
  • Squash ~ White Scallop ("Pattypan")
  • Tomatillos ~ Green or Purple = $2 per container
  • Tomatoes ~  Reisentraubes, Tappy's & Money Makers = $2 per container  OR
                          Seconds from the basket = 25¢ each
*Please pay on the Honor System.  Thank You ~ Noel

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