Saturday, October 22, 2011

Selling Today ~ Saturday, October 22

Noel's been busily working at the orchard and hasn't been able to set anything out for awhile, but it's such a beautiful, sunny October day, I couldn't resist setting some things out for her.  

She's got some great fixin's for your Sunday dinner:  Carrots, Red Onions and Beets.   What goes better with Sunday roast?  And some of these carrots are HUGE, and don't get me started on the wonderful aroma.  These aren't your typical grocery-store fixins'!

·       Beets or Carrots = $3.00 a bunch

·       Bell Peppers = 75¢ each

·       Onions  (Red) = 75¢ each

·       Raspberries = $2.00 per container

·       Tomatillos = $2.00 per container

·       Tomatoes  = $2.00 per container

Enjoy this gorgeous autumn day!

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